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Post  Fralin on Wed Jan 12, 2011 3:16 pm

What is raiding?

Raiding is doing an instance with more than one fellowship in this case that means either 12- or 24-man instances. Although you are able to run skirmishes/normal instances as a raid a raid is more commonly reffered to those dungeons designed to be played by either a 12- or 24-man group.

What about all the abbrevations used? What are they?

In raids abbrevations are used to specify certain posts.
RL = Raid Leader. This person decides what to do and when. If he says attack you attack, if he says stop you stop. Failure to comply with the orders of the RL may result in a kick from the raid (as in pulling multiple mobs as a non-tank during a rest period thus wiping the raid on several occasions. This role is filled by an experienced player.
RA = Raid Assistant. These persons help out the RL in a number of ways. They can e.g. be class leaders commanding all units of their class in the raid. Or it can simply be divided as dps/healers. This role is usually filled by people who are good enough to be RL or people who are interested in becoming RL.
LM/ML = Loot Master or Master Looter. This person is in charge of anything higher than trash loot. Usually filled by RA people. This person makes sure eberyone get the loot they won (more on looting systems later).

MT = Main Tank. This role does not necessarily need to be filled by the one with best gear, skill is also an important factor. Great skill+no gear = fail, no skill+great gear = fail. This role MAY also change during a raid if a certain boss requires it.
OT = Off Tank. A secondary tank where needed. Gear is not as much of an issue for OT as it is for MT but is still significant.
Healer = need I say more?
DPS = Any player dealing damage as their main objective (most of the raid)
Wipe = all people are dead. The time directly after a wipe is also known as down-time and used for rebuffing

So now I know that. How do I get loot?

When it comes to looting there are several different ways of dividing loot. One way is simply to roll for it while others require more sophisticated methods. The main thing is that the system used should be fair to all. I will now present a number of ways to divide loot. Take note that these are all systems for use over several raids and the same system should be used in all raids. For random raids NGP is mostly used.

This is a heavy system. Everyone starts at 0 points and all items cost a certain amount of points e.g. a one-handed weapon could cost 50 points. For this example we will use a 5-man raid. Player A wants to buy the sword and pays 50 points, those points are distributed on the rest of the players who each get 12 points. Player A will now have -50 points while the rest will have 12 each. No player can buy anything when they have negative points.

There are numerous variations of DKP, both capped and un-capped. It works the way that certain tasks rewards a certain amount of points which then can be spent on loot. This can either be done by simply deducting points or having an auction.

This is my personal favourite. WHy? BEcause it gives ALL players a fair enough chance to get loot, both veterans and newbies alike, with the exception that veterans have easier to get what they want. It works as follows:
Everyone starts at 0 trumps. For each task accomplished a certain amount of trump points are awarded at the end of the raid. A trump table can look like this:

Being on time = 1 trump
1st kill on a boss = 8 trump
2nd kill = 5 trump
farm kills = 3 trump
leaving early = -2 trump
Not buffing = -2 trump

The RL may also reward the raid if they play good (+2) or if they really suck (-2). After a few raids people will start to amass trumps. And this is how the whole thing works.

Lets say that "Fralin's axe of crushing headaches" drops. the LM calls it out and player A who has really been looking for it calls "Trump!!!", unless a player with a higher amount of trumps calls trump on it A will get it. He will in that case use all his trumps, both gathered and the ones from the current raid, to buy it thus resetting his trumps to 0. If B calls trumps as well and has a higher total trump (the amount is that which is at the start of the raid), B will loose his trumps and nothing will happen to A. If no one trumps the LM may call for a roll and might specify if any class has priority on the loot.
The positive about this system is that new players can quickly get some loot while veteran players might want to hold on to their trumps to be certain of getting a certain amount. This system is also great for casual gamers who don't raid days at end.

Who can raid and what is required?

Anyone of a certain character level and gear can raid. Yes, gear factors in as well so get good gear. As for what is required there are three things that constitute a good raid.
1. Preparation
2. Discipline
3. Communication

Preparation means that you have buffs, pots etc and that you have read the strategies for the bosses you will kill that night.
Discipline is simply to do what instructed to do and not start to solo or mess around. It also means being on time and keeping the communication clean on bosses. Raids are TEAM EFFORTS!
Communication. That is being in the channel used for verbal communication. You don't need to talk but you need to listen.

What commands are usually used?

The RL will at times call out commands and those should be obeyed. Such commands may be directed at a certain player, such as "Pull" which is almost every time intended for the MT or OT. Other commands such as "wipe" is directed at the entire raid. If RL calls a wipe you DO NOT start to run around but simply try to die in a fast manner. RL may also call out targets.

What is Leeroy?

A legend. If MT calls Leeroy... enjoy it while it lasts Twisted Evil

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Raiding FAQ Empty Re: Raiding FAQ

Post  lindea on Thu Jan 13, 2011 4:24 am

Nice post!


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Raiding FAQ Empty Re: Raiding FAQ

Post  TEOSAN on Fri Jan 14, 2011 12:57 am

Post is nice, but i have a few question.
For example in a raid all looting to ML, and then sharing to those who's need it, but when i played i managed to notice, that most of items(Rare) are bound when get it. So what to do with this? And when you will start to giving loot from ML to all who's need it, i think it will be a really mess and misunderstands in your points system, this system can work well on website, but not in game.

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Raiding FAQ Empty Re: Raiding FAQ

Post  Fralin on Fri Jan 14, 2011 3:12 am

As for the system, I used to be a hardcore raider with 20+ hours of raiding each week so I should know what I talk about. Yes, this system works perfectly, both on paper and in real life. Trumps is also a lot easier on maintainance than DKP so it's really an excellent lightweight system.

As for the ML, he doesn't actually loot the items. When using ML, that person is the only one who can access the items that drop over the treshold set. The ML then makes sure that the right person gets the item they bought/rolled for. The ML does NOT loot BoA items to himself, unless he won them ofc, but works as an overseer. Needless to say, if you mess up as ML you won't be the most popular person around.


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Raiding FAQ Empty Re: Raiding FAQ

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